Dress to Skirt Tutorial

So, I bought this cute summer dress for my little girl and Goodwill for a $1. She really liked it until . . . she put it on. Both times she put it on she said “Dis is buggin’ me” and pointing at the straps. Then she pulled it down to the hips and said “I want to wear it like dis”. I thought well, I can do that.

So, here it goes. I took the skirt and cut the top off.

Then I rolled a hem and pinned it. The dress is a knit I wasn’t worried about it fraying so I didn’t roll it to make a “finished” edge. Once pinned I sewed it around leaving a gap to insert the elastic. I like using a safety pin to help feed the elastic through. Then I sewed the elastic to itself.

I then sewed the band closed. I tried it on the princess and could barely get her to take it back off.

I also used the left over piece from the top to make a bow. The princess wouldn’t take it back off once she put it on and twirled around the house all day. I guess now I need to watch for more dresses on dollar days.


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