Good Intentions

So, it all started with my shelf. I have a shelf by my entry. After Valentine’s Day I saw all of these cute decorations and decided I am going to make cute decorations for every holiday to decorate my entry shelf. That let to blog stalking various craft blogs, which led to Pinterest which ultimately let me to starting this blog.

While preparing for my Fourth of July/Summer decorations I came across these awesome projects that I planned on making.

I love this idea and thought it would be fun to make with the kids. I already have the frame.

I love this wreath. It is made from t-shirt yarn. Here is the tutorial. I already made the red yarn.

Isn’t this thing cute! I love it. I already got the frame and buttons for this project.

So, what am I missing to finish all these great projects?


All three of my kids have had the flu for THREE weeks. And we are going out of town in two weeks and my hubby has been working 60+ hour weeks. So, I have been doing a lot – but NOT my cute decorations. I thought I would at least share them so maybe some of you can make them; and the great thing about holidays is there is always another one coming around.

I did update my wreath – I love that I can change the flowers.

I used some of the t-shirt yarn (intended for the other wreath) for the red flowers. The pin wheels are a free printable you can find here.

I did my best. I am working on some travel games that I will post (hopefully before we leave).


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