Failure . . . it happens.

So, after seeing these two gems on Pinterest I decided to stop neglecting my blog. See I worked on two projects to share and they were both the epitome of FAIL and I got discouraged. Hey, it happens.

I did (finally) finish my magnet makeup board which I ABSOLUTELY love. It had it’s own serious of failures along the way, but eventually got done.

I saw this little beauty online:

I decided I MUST have one – honestly now that it is done I don’t know how I survived without it. She had a great tutorial HERE – so I’m not going to re-hash. Although I decided to paint my board instead of covering it with paper (I tried covering it 3 times – it wasn’t working for me).

Here are some picts of mine:

Not perfect, but finished.

I absolutely love the board, I kept asking myself why didn’t I do this sooner . . . oh yea, I tried.


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