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Journal, Journal

I love to write in my journal. I find it therapeutic and relaxing (Yes, I’ve been through therapy – is it that obvious?). Unfortunately, it seemed like every time I sat down to write in my journal it was either a gripe fest or I drew a total blank on what to write.

I looked at a few journals that had prompts and questions but had a hard time finding something I liked. So, being the computer nerd that I am, I decided to make my own. It is only a half sheet, that I print front and back. It gives me a chance to reflect on my day and record some of the experiences that I am having and would probably forget. The best part is I am actually writing – not every day but pretty close to it.


There are three main prompts:

  • Something good that happened today.
  • Something that challenged me today.
  • Today I am grateful for.

There is also a place to list:

Things that are working & Things I need to work on.

I have included a printable for anyone interested. Enjoy!

Journal page

I printed the pages front & back, then cut them in half. I punched two holes in the top of the pages and put rings through them. I also used a piece of heavy cardstock on the front and back so I can write without having to put a book behind it.

If you are looking for something different here a really fun site where she makes a bunch of different pages.


Valentines Wreath

I updated my burlap wreath for V-Day. (See original post here) It makes me happy every time I open my door. I cut the bunting with my Silhouette – it is just paper. Then I made flowers with scrap material I had.


P.S. I cannot believe I have not posted since Halloween? Wow – well I have written like 5 posts in my head (usually while putting on my makeup) so hopefully I will get those done soon!

I love Halloween

I love Halloween, like a lot. So I decided to paint mine and my daughters toe nails. Wanna see?

They make me happy. If you want a picture tutorial here is the Pin.

{Side note on the tutorial, when my daughter (4) saw it she said “Mom the white is supposed to be on top”. Yeah, I guess there is no messing around with my girl & her candy.}

Party Time

So,  my girl just turned four. I don’t know how she is 4 already, but that is a different discussion.

I have this mini doughnut maker and I thought it would be fun to have a doughnut party.

Table & Backdrop

I made the streamers from tissue paper and wrapping paper (yes I am crazy.)

Frosting & Toppings

We had chocolate & cream cheese frosting. Chocolate chips and lots and lots of sprinkles.


Milk Glasses

The kids loved these (and so did I). The tutorial I found used honey but next time I am going to try chocolate.

The happy birthday girl with her doughnut (and twirling her hair).

I think we all ate too many doughnuts (I know I did) and had a great time.  If anyone is interested I have the Babycakes doughnut maker. It works like a waffle iron. I got it at Khols with a double coupon (so it was only $10) I have also seen them at Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. It comes with a recipe book – the sour cream doughnuts are my favorite, but I have also used cake mixes and they turn out great to.

Failure . . . it happens.

So, after seeing these two gems on Pinterest I decided to stop neglecting my blog. See I worked on two projects to share and they were both the epitome of FAIL and I got discouraged. Hey, it happens.

I did (finally) finish my magnet makeup board which I ABSOLUTELY love. It had it’s own serious of failures along the way, but eventually got done.

I saw this little beauty online:

I decided I MUST have one – honestly now that it is done I don’t know how I survived without it. She had a great tutorial HERE – so I’m not going to re-hash. Although I decided to paint my board instead of covering it with paper (I tried covering it 3 times – it wasn’t working for me).

Here are some picts of mine:

Not perfect, but finished.

I absolutely love the board, I kept asking myself why didn’t I do this sooner . . . oh yea, I tried.

Love these Shoes

I got these cute shoes. They are surprisingly comfortable and very fun.

But I felt like they needed something. So I got out my felt and made two little flowers (using a template found here). And attached them to my shoes.

They are so cute I can’t believe how much I love them!

I can’t take the credit on the idea. I saw this adorable post by my friend Kristy and I was inspired. She made some dang cute shoes – you should check them out.

Good Intentions

So, it all started with my shelf. I have a shelf by my entry. After Valentine’s Day I saw all of these cute decorations and decided I am going to make cute decorations for every holiday to decorate my entry shelf. That let to blog stalking various craft blogs, which led to Pinterest which ultimately let me to starting this blog.

While preparing for my Fourth of July/Summer decorations I came across these awesome projects that I planned on making.

I love this idea and thought it would be fun to make with the kids. I already have the frame.

I love this wreath. It is made from t-shirt yarn. Here is the tutorial. I already made the red yarn.

Isn’t this thing cute! I love it. I already got the frame and buttons for this project.

So, what am I missing to finish all these great projects?


All three of my kids have had the flu for THREE weeks. And we are going out of town in two weeks and my hubby has been working 60+ hour weeks. So, I have been doing a lot – but NOT my cute decorations. I thought I would at least share them so maybe some of you can make them; and the great thing about holidays is there is always another one coming around.

I did update my wreath – I love that I can change the flowers.

I used some of the t-shirt yarn (intended for the other wreath) for the red flowers. The pin wheels are a free printable you can find here.

I did my best. I am working on some travel games that I will post (hopefully before we leave).

Burlap Door Wreath

I hadn’t realized before how much I love wreaths & door hangings. I have recently started a new obsession. It is a site called Pinterest. Basically it is a way to save and organize your bookmarks & craft ideas. If you want to look at my “Pins” click here.
So, I saw this amazing wreath at Jones Design Company– this blog is amazing! So many great, great ideas. {I digress.} So I had to try. Here is what I made:

The tutorial is here. I know you want to make one – how could you not!
I will give my few (very few) suggestions on what I will change next time.
First – I’ve never worked with burlap before – it is messy! I would lay something down before I start to cut.
Second – I would use a 4″ strip for the back ruffle and a 3″ strip for the front ruffle. I like to see the back a bit more and ended up trimming mine.
The tutorial really is wonderful and I LOVE the end result.
My door looks so pretty.

Here is a close up of the flowers. The best part is they are all pinned on so I can change them out for the different seasons. Love it!
Need some more ideas? I am already planning on my next wreath. Here are a few I have been inspired by:
This is where I got the idea for the removable flowers. Genius!

Dress to Skirt Tutorial

So, I bought this cute summer dress for my little girl and Goodwill for a $1. She really liked it until . . . she put it on. Both times she put it on she said “Dis is buggin’ me” and pointing at the straps. Then she pulled it down to the hips and said “I want to wear it like dis”. I thought well, I can do that.

So, here it goes. I took the skirt and cut the top off.

Then I rolled a hem and pinned it. The dress is a knit I wasn’t worried about it fraying so I didn’t roll it to make a “finished” edge. Once pinned I sewed it around leaving a gap to insert the elastic. I like using a safety pin to help feed the elastic through. Then I sewed the elastic to itself.

I then sewed the band closed. I tried it on the princess and could barely get her to take it back off.

I also used the left over piece from the top to make a bow. The princess wouldn’t take it back off once she put it on and twirled around the house all day. I guess now I need to watch for more dresses on dollar days.