One of THOSE days

I am not usually one to write a huge dramatic rant but there are days in my life where I think to myself –

Is this really my life?

So, in an attempt to find some humor I thought I would share. {A little back story} My kids have had the flu on and off for the last three weeks. Every time I think everyone is better we have a couple days of “normal” and then some one is sick again. On top of that my hubby has been working 11 hour days and has to work Saturday too (on salary).

Last night at 9:30 I decided to go to Walmart and get groceries. Everyone was in bed I though I can just run get it done and then we will actually have food (We were already pretty past due). I shopped leisurely for an hour and a half. Get to the check out at 11 and realize . . .

I don’t have my wallet. Seriously? Gottobekidding.

So, I finish my check out (with the slowest cashier EVER), drive home, get my wallet, drive back, pay for the groceries and finally drive home [AGAIN]. On the way home I realized the tags on the car are expired and was fully prepared to be pulled over {luckily} I wasn’t.

I got home at MIDNIGHT put away the cold stuff and the melted popsicles and left everything else bagged in the middle of the kitchen floor. I finally am in bed at 12:45 and at 1 my baby (who has been sleeping through the night for months) starts crying. Forty-five minutes later she is finally asleep again and I pass out. Then at 5:45 I wake up to crying almost screaming. My 5 year old is in his room screaming that his stomach hurts. Yup, another round of the flu. I am just glad he made it to the toilet I am really not in the mood to clean up any more puke.

So, today we are in survival mode. Just make it through the day. Tomorrow will be better. I sure hope so anyway.


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